Economic Transition

Our endless economic growthbased system is not fit for the future. We need new narratives and policies to go beyond the myth of merely decoupling economic growth from environmental impacts. Instead, we need to build an economy that actually enables people and nature to thrive together.

We live in a world shaped by environmental, economic, and social crises. Their roots lie in the outdated pursuit of infinite economic growth, with no regard for planetary limits. Rising inequality, dropping real wages and resource depletion show that the growth pursuit no longer delivers for people and nature.  

We need an alternative economic system focused on human wellbeing and aligned with planetary boundaries. At EEB, we are working on how to move towards a more resilient economic system that does not rely on Gross Domestic Product Growth.  Economic transition facilitates a shift from consumption to quality of life, from growth to equality, and from the destruction of nature to restoring rich and healthy ecosystems.

Building a fairer and more sustainable economy will require changes across all levels to foster energy and resource sufficiency, extraction limits, intersectional justice, right to work and decent living conditions for everyone, not only select social groups, regions and sectors.  

From rethinking/reforming the EU Economic Governance Framework and Critical Raw Materials Act to reimagining green jobs within the European Green Deal and Just Transition, EEB works to remove barriers to change and improve policies without resting on rule tweaks.  

As a strong focal point for policymakers, researchers, civil society and other actors, we forge alliances, organise conferences and run campaigns for an economy beyond growth, helping people and organisations to connect the dots and scale impact.  

Alliances like the EU Wellbeing Economy Alliance, Fiscal Matters and Raw Materials Policy and Civil Society Coalition allow us to unite thousands of voices. And our collaborations within research projects like LOCOMOTION provide evidence for action.  

Our open letters, policy briefs and articles on pressing issues make the best scientific evidence and leading economic thinking available to the broader public. EEB has also implemented an Inclusion Policy, helping us build an organisation that is up to the task.  

We act across the policy cycle and a broad range of issues impacting the economy to turn promising solutions such as digital technology, corporate due diligence or sustainable finance into actionable and impactful tools for change.  

Whether debunking green mining, safeguarding the right to say no or advocating working time reduction, we pair analysis, insights and actionable advice to present a realistic vision of a resilient, sustainable and future-fit economy that is resilient and works for people and nature alike. 


The EU as a whole, we live as if there were 2.8 planets while not meeting its own social aims, as indicated by the EU’s Social Scoreboard – for example, in terms of unmet healthcare needs or the gender gap in employment.

Library for Economic Transition