Law Working Group 22-23 October







The 22-23 October Law Group meeting will focus on environmental implementation in the EU – what barriers CSOs have come across both on problems with implementation and the causes, and on the successes. In the latter, we will be keen to understand the role of CSOs in the success. In the former, we’ll be keen to understand where a CSO role could have helped. A core focus will be on cases from across the EU.

We will focus on both thematic areas – air pollution, biodiversity, water, climate, and circular economy and waste - as well as horizontal themes of EIA/SEA, liability and access to justice issues. The aim is to share interest practice, explore CSO tools and strategies that have proven to help, illustrate effective communication approaches, and derive recommendations for improvements – both for the CSO community and as inputs into policy processes (notably the environmental implementation review process, as well as others – e.g. reflection on priorities for an 8th EAP.)

The additional “Better Regulation” meeting will focus on the need to reframe Better Regulation towards one of “Reprotecting EU citizens and the environment”. This will explore cases of deregulation, avoided deregulation (and CSO roles), future risks of deregulation, and opportunities to make a difference (E.g. the EP elections). The session from Monday 22nd at 12:00 to Tuesday at 14:30 will be for WG members, and the Session from 1500 to 1800 on the 23rd will be broadened out to other CSOs, but all WG members welcome to stay.

Deadline for registrations 24 September 2018. For more information, please contact our our Events Coordinator.