8 June 2020

Thirsty for justice. Enforcing EU water laws to defend communities from coal – 12 June 2020 – Webinar

Thirsty for justice Enforcing EU water laws to defend communities from coal  Europe’s supply of clean, safe water is under major stress, and coal is one […]
7 June 2020

An EU Budget to boost the Green Deal and post-Covid Recovery – 15 June 2020 – Webinar

The webinar will present an update on the status of the European Green Deal (EGD), MFF and recovery package and what civil society can do to […]
5 June 2020

Lessons learned: Tackling Pollution for a Green Recovery – 16 June 2020 – Webinar

To re-watch the live streaming of the webinar you can access this link: Tackling pollution for a green recovery. From the sky, European satellite images show […]
5 June 2020

Green Budget Working Group – 22 June 2020 – Webinar

The moment of truth is getting closer and closer. The European Commission has shared plans for a Recovery Fund and a new EU budget, promising to […]
4 June 2020

Launch of the Paris Agreement Compatible (PAC) Scenario for Energy Infrastructure – 30 June 2020

For the first time, a broad community of European NGOs has agreed on a common energy scenario. Under the umbrella of the PAC project – “Paris […]
3 June 2020

Cooling down Europe’s heating system – Webinar – 30 June 2020

The Coolproducts campaign is happy to announce its participation in this year’s Sustainable Energy Week – an initiative by the European Commission to foster cooperation amongst […]
1 April 2020

Launch of report: ‘Environmental Racism against Roma communities’ – 8 April

Join us for the launch of our report “Pushed to the Wastelands. Environmental Racism against Roma communities in Central and Eastern Europe” on 8 April, 10am-12pm. […]
1 March 2020

Energy and Climate Working Group 16-18 March 2020 – Webinar

The energy and climate scenario in Europe is changing very quickly due to a new wave of ambitions that the new European Commission seems to be […]
30 January 2020

Economic Transition Working Group 23 March 2020 – Webinar

The Economic Transition Working Group will meet on 23-24 March 2020, in Brussels. The meeting will start on Monday 23 March at 11:00 and end on […]
30 January 2020

Law Working Group 24-25 March 2020 – Webinar

The WG meeting – that was supposed to be held in EEB office in Brussels – will be replaced by a webinar, whose agenda will be […]
29 January 2020

Circular Economy Working Group 30 March -1 April 2020 – Webinar

The WG meeting – that was supposed to be held in EEB office in Brussels – will be replaced by three webinars: Coolproducts WG 14.00 – […]
19 January 2020

#NatureNow in the European Green Deal – 30 January 2020

Citizens across the EU – led by young people – are demanding that their governments do much more to address the climate emergency, the loss of […]