Webinar for Youth: Making Europe work for young people – 11 February – Online

The devastating consequences of the COVID -19 pandemic on the labour market, people’s livelihoods, wellbeing and the environment raise an important question: how do we get out of this mess?

Going back to the economic status quo before the crisis by boosting economic growth to create jobs is not a recovery but a subsidy of the next pandemic. The current crisis did not break the system, it exposed its fundamental failures. System errors have grown for decades before the influx of the pandemic.

Overconsumption and overproduction caused a climate and environmental crisis that is threatening the survival of society as we know it. There is no point in going back to “normal” if “normal” was burning out people and the planet alike.

We invite young people from all over Europe to join us for a discussion of our new report, ‘Escaping the growth and jobs treadmill‘, and to discuss concrete policy solutions to youth unemployment and the future of work.

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1.Presentation of the findings of the report “Escaping the growth and jobs treadmill”.

2.Presentation of the project Climate of Change


  • Redistributing wealth: Universal Basic Income
  • Redistributing working hours: Working time reduction
  • Redistributing ownership: Democracy at work
  • Promoting wellbeing sectors: The job guarantee

4.Wrap up



11 February




17:00 - 18:00

For more information, please contact our Events Coordinator.
Webinar for Youth: Making Europe work for young people – 11 February – Online
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