The french repairability index: challenges and opportunities – 28 January – Webinar


Since January 1st 2021, France is the first country in Europe to have implemented a repairability index on 5 categories of electronic devices.

The goal is to inform consumers about the repairability of a product, thanks to a grade out of 10 based on criteria such as ease of disassembly and availability and price of spare parts.

While this index is a key milestone for the Right to Repair in Europe, it isn’t without limitations. From how easy it is to obtain a good grade to self-declared scores by manufacturers and no sanctions until 2022, it comes with challenges that are important to acknowledge.

To better understand the political and technical background of the index, how it was calculated and what the next steps could be in Europe, join our webinar on Thursday, 28th of January at 10:30 CET with contributions from:

Jean-Paul Ventère from the French ministry of ecological transition. He was part of the team who prepared the regulation and defined the methodology of the repairability index.

Laeticia Vasseur, the cofounder and executive officer of Halte à l’Obsolescence Programmée, the French NGO fighting for a society free of planned obsolescence. Laetitia is an expert in circular economy and lobbying, member of the “Acte” committee of the French Minister of Ecological Transition and vice-president of the Institute of Responsible Digital (INR).

Ernestas Oldyerevas, program manager at the European Environmental Citizens’ Organisation for Standardisation (ECOS), an international NGO advocating for environmentally friendly technical standards, policies and laws. At ECOS, he works to ensure that European institutions and international standards guarantee that electronic products are sustainable.


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28 January




10:30 - 11:30

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