Refrigerants: the missing leg of the Fit for 55 package – 21 October – Online

The European Commission is soon going to present a proposal to revise the regulation on Fluorinated Gases (F-Gases), the core legislation for refrigerants in the EU. This is a very relevant climate file, that deals with chemicals that are responsible for roughly 0.5C° in temperature rise worldwide.

The Reg 517/2014 deals with anything related to the conservation of food or medicines and hence is critical for the world food chain. As of today, 5 multinationals control the market of those patented, climate-harmful gases whose use is increasing constantly due to the uptake of heat pumps and air conditioners in both developed and developing countries.

The purpose of the webinar is to give you a basic overview of how we can break free from this oligopoly, allow quicker and safe phase-out of these gases and promote the use of non-expensive largely available alternatives.

The webinar is open to NGOs. For all information and requests contact



21 October




16:00 - 17:00

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