PAC Scenario Workshop – 15 October – Webinar

In June 2020, Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) presented their Paris Agreement compatible energy scenario: the PAC scenario. It shows how to reach 65% emission reductions in the EU by 2030 on a pathway towards net-zero emissions by 2040 in a fully renewable energy system.

More than 150 people from NGOs, science and industry contributed to this bottom-up scenario building process during almost two years. The PAC project is the result of a unique collaboration of CAN Europe, EEB, energy grid operators (ENTSO-E and ENTSOG), REN21 and the Renewables Grid Initiative, launched in 2018 to look into reflecting the Paris Agreement in European energy infrastructure planning.

On 15 October 2020, CAN Europe and EEB want to hear your views on potential ways forward. Our aim is to make the PAC scenario work for you. Guest speakers will present potential answers to open questions of the scenario building process.



10:00 Optional intro session for newcomers
10.00 Good morning
10.05 PAC scenario catch-up: a quick run through the scenario findings
What the PAC scenario is about and what it is not (yet) about
10.20 Q&A for newcomers
Jörg Mühlenhoff (CAN Europe) + Jonathan Bonadio (EEB)

10:30 4th PAC scenario workshop
10:30 Good morning, presentation of the agenda and housekeeping rules
10.35 Your feedback on the PAC scenario building exercise: Online survey
Jörg Mühlenhoff (CAN Europe) + Jonathan Bonadio (EEB)
10.45 Open questions of the PAC scenario…and potential answers:
Findings from scientists who looked into the PAC scenario, followed by Q&A

Cost and benefits of higher climate ambition
Prof. Dr. Christian von Hirschhausen (TU Berlin/German Institut for Economic Research DIW)

System costs, infrastructure and country-specific impacts
Elisabeth Zeyen, Prof. Marta Victoria, Dr. Tom Brown (KIT/Aarhus University)

Country-specific 1.5°C pathways for emission reduction
Ryan Wilson (Climate Analytics)

11.45 Wrap up: How can we do even better? Online survey
12.00 End of the workshop


This event is organised in collaboration with CAN Europe.

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15 October




10:30 - 12:00

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