Media Briefing on new NGO assessment of CAP Strategic Plans – 30 November – Online

NGO screening reveals new CAP national plans out of sync with Green Deal objectives


This is an invitation to a media briefing ahead of the launch of a first-of-a-kind assessment of the CAP Strategic Plans and their eco-schemes conducted by leading environmental NGOs.

The assessment – Will CAP eco-schemes be worth their name? – was conducted in 22 countries across the EU, by BirdLife Europe, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), and WWF European Policy Office.


This latest publication comes after another recent EEB and BirdLife overall assessment of CAP Strategic Plans, in which national experts from 22 countries screened the current drafts against 7 key criteria. Find out more about this latter assessment in EEB’s META article.


Although the information we expose is based on draft CSPs which are likely to change before their formal submission to the Commission at the end of this year, this paper presents an expert overview and an indication of how some €54 bn of EU funding is spent in the post-2022 CAP.


Our latest Will CAP eco-schemes be worth their name? also includes recommendations of the measures the European Commission and Member States could take at this stage, to ensure that the proposed eco-schemes will deliver on the European Green Deal objectives.



30 November




08:30 - 09:15

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