Italian super bonus – A bonus for a fair energy transition – 12 July – Webinar


Finding the fair energy transition “un po’-lenta” (a bit slow)? Here’s a possible solution.

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In times of crisis, it’s always the most vulnerable that pay the highest price. Things are no different when it comes to the energy crisis.

While Europe’s aspired renovation plans projected a large roll out of both heat pumps and solar rooftops, many wonder how these plans will materialise for those without access to necessary investment capital.

There is a successful subsidy scheme in place in Europe that might hold the answers.

Come meet the Italian Super Bonus, an ongoing support scheme that, among others, features:

  1. Elimination of the upfront cost
  2. All-citizen coverage, including those in the no-tax area
  3. Involvement of banks, without direct loan to citizens
  4. Coverage of both renewables & heating systems
  5. Solution to the landlord/tenant dilemma
  6. Tax rebates that can be transformed into a 100% upfront discount

Can this measure be of inspiration for other member states? To what extent is it replicable?

In this webinar with the Italian Energy Agency (ENEA), we will discuss the technical and reporting aspects of the scheme, its achievements, and its evolution. ECCO, an independent Italian think tank on climate will discuss the needed improvements to make it fairer and more sustainable.


15:00 Introduction from Davide Sabbadin (European Environmental Bureau, EEB)
15:10 Elena Allegrini (Energy Efficiency Department, ENEA)
15:30 Matteo Leonardi (Executive Director for National Policies – ECCO Climate)
15:50 Q&A (a penne for your thought)
16:25 Conclusions


This event is part of the Coolproducts campaign. Co-led by European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and Environmental Coalition on Standards (ECOS), Coolproducts is a coalition of NGOs working to ensure better products for consumers and the planet.


12 July



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