How Plastic Waste Shipments Undermine Real Solutions to Ocean Plastic Pollution – 28 June – Webinar

UN Ocean Conference Side Event

28 June | 14:00 – 16:00 CET

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Official virtual side event to the 2022 UN Ocean Conference Online Side Event, organized by Break Free from Plastic and the European Environmental Bureau, in partnership with the Geneva Beat Plastic Pollution Dialogues.


About this Session

SDG 14 stresses the need to conserve and sustainably use the world’s oceans, seas and marine resources, yet conversations rarely touch on the plastic waste trade, wherein rich countries ship their plastic waste to weaker economies. The export of plastic waste creates the delusion of circularity for a material that is inherently linear, allowing us to perpetuate our dependence on plastics. Plastic waste shipped across the world contributes a significant amount of plastic pollution and chemical additives to the ocean — harming our health, wildlife, and ecosystems.

The panel discussion will be centred around the documentary “The Recycling Myth”. An access link to the documentary will be provided upon registration. We will explore the following questions: What are the latest trends in the global trade of plastic waste? If plastic waste trade and recycling is really the solution, why is the world pumping out more virgin plastic than ever before? How are plastic waste exports connected to marine pollution? The side event hopes to tackle this elephant in the room with a panel of experts on the waste trade.

More information on the speakers and the panel are available at this link.


📝 Petition – #StopShippingPlasticWaste 📝 Conversations around marine pollution, often ignore the plastic waste trade. We believe ending waste exports from rich to weaker economies is crucial to reducing plastic pollution, and protecting communities from the impacts of the plastic waste trade. Sign the petition now!



28 June



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