Green Budget Working Group 16 October 2019

Economic signals and financial flows are key drivers of economic activity affecting resource extraction, production methods and inputs, purchasing choices and consumption levels, pollution emissions, compliance with the law, and hence impacts on the planet and people.

The new Green Budget Working Group will focus on how to change economic and financial signals – tax reform, resource charging, subsidies, fees&fines, the EU Budget and green finance – so as to incentivise a just transition to an EU economy that works within local ecosystem limits to planetary boundaries. The Group will integrate activities of Green Budget Europe (that is in the process of winding up) and the former EEB Environmental Tax Reform Working Group. It will be a unique EEB Working Group in that it integrates at its core civil society, government and academia.

The Working Group will meet for the first time on 16 October, in Brussels.

The meeting will start at 9:00. In the morning and the afternoon, the group will discuss policy developments and develop strategies.

From 15:300 to 17:00, a joint session with the Economic Transition Working group will be held to explore potential synergies and coordination opportunities.

Registration deadline: 27 September.

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WHEN 9:00-17:00

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