Green Budget WG meeting – 20 November – Webinar

The EEB is glad to invite you to the next Green Budget Working Group Webinar on Financing climate and the EGD through Recovery and Resilience Plans on the 20th of November at 2pm to 4pm CET.

In this Green Budget Working Group webinar we will focus on the financing of the European Green Deal through the National Recovery and Resilience Plans. We will provide an overview of the process and an update on the progress registered so far on the NRRPs, as well as providing an update on the ongoing negotiations in relation to the MFF and Recovery and Resilience Facility.


14:00  Welcome and aim of the webinar – Patrick ten Brink (EEB)

  • Roundtable on who’s who, pending attendance numbers

 14:15   Financing climate and the EGD through the NRRPs

 The  NRRP development process – Elia Trippel (EC RECOVER Task Force, SecGen)

  • Q&A

 EU negotiations on Recovery & Resilience Facility & MFF provisional deal – Barbara Mariani (EEB)

Update on National Recovery and Resilience plans (NRRPs)

Overview of RRPs in CEE – Raphael Hanoteaux (CEE Bankwatch Network)

  • Insights on NRRPs from BMU grant countries – Andras Lukacs (CAAG) & partners
  • Civil society engagement in NRRPs – Carlotta Besozzi (Civil Society Europe)

 Roundtable on good practice and poor practice with recovery plans

    • Cyprus –  Theodoros Zachariadis (The Cyprus Institute)
    • Germany – Kai Schlegelmilch (Green Budget Germany)

Q: What is good practice to be encouraged: on nature of investments and type of projects (i.e. infrastructure); reform commitments; governance (stakeholder engagement and transparency)?

Q: What is poor practice to be discouraged:  investments and projects (i.e. infrastructure) that don’t meet the “do no harm” principle; inefficient spending; EGD non compatible; poor reforms?

Roundtable on what Civil Society and wider stakeholders can do.

  • Q: Where can and should civil society engage: at national level, EU, other?
  • Q: What windows of opportunity are there to help NRRPs be fit-for-purpose?
  • Q: Who can civil society engage with at national and EU levels?

 15:45: AOB

 15:55: Wrap up and Next steps – Patrick ten Brink


Please, register at this link to join us!

20 November




14:00 - 16:00

For more information, please contact our Events Coordinator.