Energy and Climate Working Group 16-18 March 2020 – Webinar

The energy and climate scenario in Europe is changing very quickly due to a new wave of ambitions that the new European Commission seems to be putting forward.

Will it be enough? Will the Member States follow this push? How can we make sure that important files such as the Climate Law, the revised Circular Economy Action Plan, the Energy Taxation directive (among others), will really deliver the change we need? And how will this translate in the territories?

These are some of the questions we’ll try to answer together. The agenda is quite rich and attending the Workshop + WG will enable you to be on top of what is happening in Brussels: the latest intelligence and the probable outcomes as we know them. It will be organized back to back with a joint workshop with CAN Europe and Friends of the Earth Europe dedicated to Buildings and their relevance for climate.



Day 1: 16 March from 14 to 18.15 “Joint NGOs meeting on buildings decarbonisation”
Day 2: 17 March from 9 to 17 “Joint NGOs meeting on buildings decarbonisation”
Day 3: 18 March from 9 to 15.30 Energy and Climate WG meeting



Deadline for registrations: 25/02






WHEN 14:00

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