EEB Circular Economy Working Group meeting 21-23 May 2019

This WG will gather together EEB members and campaigners working on waste, product and ecodesign and energy labelling policies with both shared and specific sessions.

Among others, it will be discussed the transposition of EU waste laws at national level, the EU product policy (Ecodesign, GPP, Ecolabel, PEF) and how to best ensure consistency between the different instruments, the review of packaging essential requirements and guidelines on modulation of Extended Producers Responsibility fees.

A specific shared session will take place on batteries with a visit to a collection, sorting and dismantling plant. Another shared session will be dedicated to EEB long term strategy and theory of change. The last half day on 23/05 will be dedicated to heating and cooling products measures to be revised under Ecodesign and Energy Labelling policy. The meeting will finish around 13:00 with lunch.








09:15 -18:00
09:15 -13:00

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