2 April 2019

Chemical Evaluation report: Achievements, challenges and recommendations after a decade of REACH

The REACH Registration process generated knowledge for nearly 22,000 substances in over 90,000 registration dossiers by the third registration deadline on 31 May 2018. With this […]
2 April 2019

Half of checked chemicals unsafe in current commercial use

– Cancer and other harms, but no action yet for 74% of danger substances – Unreliable industry data stalls safety checks for nearly 2 out of […]
21 May 2019

Named: major brands ‘breaking EU chemical safety law’

Cosmetics, medicine, food and plastic sectors using substances illegally Regulators unable to guarantee consumer products are safe Authorities protect identity of implicated firms Approved by legal […]
8 November 2019

Biggest ever human screening for toxic chemicals in Europe

– Chemical safety laws are failing, NGOs warn – Brussels to strengthen regulations this winter   Evidence of widespread contamination from harmful man-made chemicals has triggered […]
1 June 2022

EU’s detox pledge sabotaged by illegal delay to microplastics regulation

As of today, EU’s proposal to slash intentional microplastic pollution has been delayed by a whole year – jeopardising the European pledge for zero pollution and […]
11 July 2022

Need for speed on chemical protections in Europe

Stopping dangerous use of chemicals takes EU a decade Important protections have slowed, despite surge in chemical use Industry systematically misleads regulators over serious health risks […]
21 July 2022

Babies exposed to highly toxic nappies face severe disease threat later in life

90% of babies exposed to highly toxic nappies Severe disease threat later in life, say French officials EU resists consumer protections, missing legal deadline   Officials […]
17 October 2022

EU Commission to drop chemicals law reform as a gift to polluters

The European Commission is tomorrow set to capitulate bold plans against hazardous chemicals and betray its own commitment to protecting health and environment, a leak of […]
11 July 2023

Largest ever public screening finds “alarmingly high” chemical exposure

Europe’s largest ever screening programme for toxic chemicals has found significant parts of the population exposed to multiple hazardous substances above levels that could cause serious […]
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