Lower energy bills as EU retires wasteful light bulbs

The imminent phase out of halogen light bulbs across the EU is set to deliver mammoth savings to consumers, according to Coolproducts campaigners and market experts.

From 1 September, it may be harder to find halogen light bulbs across the EU as the shift to more efficient LED bulbs continues.

Coolproducts is a campaign led by the European Environmental Bureau and ECOS  to ensure that everyday products benefit people and the environment.

Coolproducts campaigners praised the move and ran an analysis to show that halogen is roughly 6.3 times more expensive to run than LED. They also explain why the shift to LEDs is so important.

Read our analysis 

Over a ten year time period in a UK home, we estimated that the halogen will cost over £90 in replacement lamps and electricity bills. The LED, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be replaced and will cost just £14 for the LED lamp itself and all the electricity it’ll use over that decade – all this while providing the same light.

Mauro Anastasio, a spokesperson for the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and Coolproducts, said:

This is excellent news both for consumers and the environment. People can expect massive savings thanks to the fact that LED bulbs last much longer and cost much less to run than halogen. It’s a no-brainer.”

Notes to editors:

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Links to the two lamps compared on Amazon.co.uk: Halogen lampLED lamp.

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Lower energy bills as EU retires wasteful light bulbs
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