Get banned chemicals out of consumer products, Europe demands

plastic barrels of toxic waste

Chemicals long-banned by the EU are still being blended into consumer products by recyclers. The problem must end, the European Parliament is expected to signal this week.

Parliament will vote tomorrow on whether to restrict recyclers from trading in waste containing chemicals banned in virgin materials. A discussion is scheduled for today.

The vote is not on draft legislation, but responds to a European Commission call for views. The Council of Ministers has already made a strong call to detox products and waste. Doing so would improve recycling and lower chemical exposure that is lowering human fertility rates, among other growing problems.

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) is Europe’s largest network of environmental organisations with 141 members in over 30 countries.

EEB senior policy officer for chemicals, Tatiana Santos, said: “The waste sector has a free pass on certain chemical laws. We understand some recyclers even actively oppose chemical restrictions, preferring to turn a blind eye. Detoxifying waste is a challenge, and the sector can only play the cards that product makers deal. But with chemical pollution and exposure getting worse, both product makers and recyclers need to raise their game.”



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Get banned chemicals out of consumer products, Europe demands
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