30 March 2022

New Circular Economy Package set to be a game changer

New Circular Economy Package set to be a game changer The package is a fundamental step forward but still lacks teeth to make sustainable products the […]
30 November 2022

Only two files remaining in a meager Circular Economy ‘package’

Today the European Commission released a pared back set of Circular Economy initiatives as a second edition to the package released in March this year.  Initially […]
16 March 2023

EU Commission prepares to crack down on greenwashing with new Green Claims law

PRESS BRIEFING   What is happening?  On 22 March 2023, the European Commission is expected to table the Green Claims Directive (GCD). This much-awaited law aims […]
22 March 2023

Protecting consumers: new EU laws set to curtail greenwashing and boost repair

The European Commission took a step towards better consumer protection in the EU today, by proposing two new laws to address vague and misleading green claims, […]
28 March 2023

European Parliament takes on greenwashing and early obsolescence to empower consumers

The European Parliament cracked down on greenwashing and early obsolescence today, by voting for a stronger EU law to protect consumers from unfair commercial practices. The […]
11 May 2023

Red card to greenwashing and early obsolescence: EU Parliament votes to strengthen consumer protection

The European Parliament has taken decisive action against unfair commercial practices today, by approving a stronger EU law that safeguards consumers from deceptive environmental claims and early […]