22 October 2018

‘Erin Brockovich chemical’ set for revival in Europe, despite ban

‘Erin Brockovich chemical’ set for revival in Europe, despite ban   Not a single ‘banned’ chemical blocked from reuse in Europe   Progressive companies warn of […]
8 November 2019

Biggest ever human screening for toxic chemicals in Europe

– Chemical safety laws are failing, NGOs warn – Brussels to strengthen regulations this winter   Evidence of widespread contamination from harmful man-made chemicals has triggered […]
12 May 2021

EU zero pollution action plan lacks action, NGOs say

Despite committing to a zero pollution ambition, the European Commission’s latest action plan may not propose any new binding actions to clean up Europe’s air, water […]
17 June 2021

‘Green Deal Commission’ needs to walk the ‘zero pollution’ talk

Air pollution prevention from chemical industries may enter into a deregulation mayhem under the EU Commission proposal for WGC BREF. Polluters-complacent countries would be rewarded with […]
25 November 2021

Delay in proposed microplastics restriction leading to irreversible pollution

One additional year without a restriction on microplastics could see levels of pollution equivalent to 1.6 billion plastic bottles released into the environment. An EU proposal […]
9 December 2021

Experts highly concerned as EU body rejects proposal to exclude hazardous chemicals in diapers

Environmental and health organisations have reacted with severe concern after the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)’s scientific committees today rejected an attempt to eliminate hazardous chemicals from […]