Wasted ink on waste water? Of missed opportunities and untapped potential in the CWW BREF

Types: Report
Published: 28 April 2021
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The EEB’s ‘Wasted ink on wasted water?’ report shows the EU is actually failing to curb highly-polluting emissions from the chemical industry.

The CWW BREF primarily rules the treatment of waste water from chemical production. After a long procedure, the CWW BREF was adopted in 2016 and should have seen full implementation in all member states by June 2020.

Real pollutant concentrations are often much lower than the levels defined in the CWW BREF, resulting in little incentive for operators to optimise, improve and invest. Based on E-PRTR and selected permit data, we showcase examples where room for improvement is particularly impressive.

These findings contrast with the IED’s objective to prevent or reduce emissions and the explicit aim of the BREF to serve as a driver towards improved environmental performance across the Union.

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