Proposed European restriction on tattoo inks and permanent make-up: EEB and HEAL updated analysis

Categories: Chemicals
Types: Briefing
Published: 6 May 2020
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On 7th April 2020, the European Commission notified the World Trade Organisation about its draft regulation amending Annex XVII to REACH in a view to restrict hazardous chemicals in tattoo inks or permanent make-up (PMU). This proposal is listed in the discussion points of the next REACH committee meeting, which is scheduled on 13th May 2020.

The Health and Environment Alliance and the European Environment Bureau acknowledge that significant work has been invested by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), Member States (and in particular Denmark, Italy, Norway, Germany – the dossier submitters – with the assistance of Germany) and the Commission in order to solidly build up this restriction, since the discussion started in 2017.

We welcome the final proposal, which answers several of the concerns that our organisations have raised throughout the process and strikes a good compromise towards overall enhanced safety of the tattoo inks and permanent make-up put on the European market.

We highlight that the restriction is a positive illustration of ECHA’s and the Commission’s efforts to address and regulate large groups of chemicals, for which there is direct human exposure leading to well-founded short- and long-term health concerns. We look forward to further initiatives to address entire groups of chemicals, be it by family or use types.

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