NGOs support the ENVI Committee Report of the F-Gas Regulation

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Published: 23 March 2023
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The EU F-Gas Regulation is a landmark piece of European Union (EU) climate legislation for reducing emissions of fluorinated gases (F-gases). F-gases are super greenhouse gases, hundreds to thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide (CO2), causing short-term warming effects in the atmosphere. Cutting F-gas use is some of the most cost-effective climate mitigation available.

An ambitious EU F-gas regulation will drive the uptake of best-in-class heat pumps and innovation of HFC-free cooling which will ultimately support the global shift away from HFCs. However, companies which produce HFCs and HFC-based equipment do not want these changes and are lobbying against them, using scare tactics and misinformation to pressure MEPs into voting against the climate.

The European Parliament’s ENVI committee’s proposal has struck a compromise, ensuring Europe’s heat pump roll-out is supported, including installer training and financial support for heat pumps whilst maintaining environmental ambition. Defending the ENVI committee’s proposal on the 30th March plenary vote is imperative.

NGOs support the ENVI Committee Report of the F-Gas Regulation
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