NGO response to proposed restriction of lead in PVC

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Published: 18 November 2019
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The EEB strongly supports ECHA’s proposal to restrict the use of lead in PVC. We thank the European Commission for its attention to this issue and ECHA for preparing the dossier. This proposal would restrict the use of lead-stabilised PVC, whether manufactured in the EU or imported, setting a limit of 0.1% lead by weight.

The restriction is plainly feasible and affordable. Previous efforts to remove lead from PVC. rightly concludes that the investment, development, and testing costs associated with the EU-wide action is necessary. The EU PVC industry has today almost entirely phased out lead stabilisers. Most lead emissions from PVC sold in the EU today and in the future – around from PVC pipes into drinking water each represent potential exposure routes to consumers. Emissions due to disposal, especially by incineration, are also important.

The use of recycled PVC made of lead contaminated legacy PVC is also a source of human and environmental exposure to lead…

NGO response to proposed restriction of lead in PVC
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