NGO first comment on PFHxA, its salts and related substances

Categories: Chemicals, PFAS
Types: Response
Published: 13 May 2020
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The undersigning organisations support the dossier submitters conclusion that “a restriction on PFHxA, its salts and related substances is the most appropriate way to limit the risks for human health and the environment on an EU level”.
The restriction of PFHxA, its salts and related substances (precursors) is necessary:

  • To prevent further build-up in the environment of very persistent PFHxA;
  • To preventfurtherirreversiblecontaminationofdrinkingwaterfromthisverypersistentand mobile substance;
  • To prevent large scale contamination of edible plants and vegetables from PFHxA;
  • To minimise exposure of future generations to PFHxA;
  • To put an end to the shift from C8 to C6 chemistry, a case of regrettable substitution.The restriction is also necessary to avoid PFHxA and related substances to become a substitute to PFOA, related substances and its salts when the restriction will come into force in July 2020. We also support the grouping approach to the restriction which includes all PFHxA related substances. This approach is necessary to prevent PFHxA from being released in the environment as degradation products of related PFAS. However, the undersigning organisations would like to provide some comments to strengthen the proposal…
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