Microplastic infill in sport pitches – NGO additional comments on the Commission’s proposal

Categories: Chemicals
Types: Position
Published: 15 November 2022
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As part of its proposal to restrict all intentionally-added microplastics, the European Commission is considering a ban on synthetic polymer infill materials in artificial sport pitches. The ban would enter into force after a six-year transitional period .

Sport pitches are the largest contributor at EU level in terms of quantities of intentionally added microplastics both used and released to the environment, with potential toxic chemical leaching. Yet, they continue to be built year on year. To remedy the pollution associated with the use of microplastics in sport pitches, the initial ECHA proposal included either a ban on the use of microplastics as infill, or
risk-management measures to prevent the loss of microplastics from sport fields. EEB and ClientEarth concur with the Commission that a ban is by far the best instrument to reach the EU ambition, and detail the reasons for that position in this letter.

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