Letter to the European Commission – Ensuring ETS and IED consistency within upcoming “Fit for 55” Package

Types: Letter
Published: 2 July 2021
Size: 227.55 KB

We are writing this letter to emphasise the importance of ensuring that in the upcoming revision of the EU ETS Directive for the Fit for 55 Package the European Commission addresses the consistency between the EU ETS market approach and the Industrial Emissions Directive regulatory approach. The EEB has been raising this crucial issue in its reply to the public consultation on the Inception Impact Assessment for the revision of the EU ETS.

Article 26 of the EU ETS Directive severely restricts the setting by permitting authorities of greenhouse gas emission limits for the EU’s largest industrial activities and allows to circumvent energy efficiency standards achieved using Best Available Techniques, which are considered as economically viable for industry. The aim of the integrated pollution prevention and control framework in the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU, which is currently under review, is to prevent pollution at source. Fuel switch obligations, switch to electrification and complying with energy efficiency standards are indeed very effective means to support the required ‘deep industrial transformation’.

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