Joint open letter to European Commission on green claims

Types: Letter
Published: 7 February 2022
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In the context of the evolving discourse on ‘net zero’ ambitions at European and international levels, the EEB – among a collective of 27 NGOs – draws attention to the risk of carbon neutrality efforts becoming an opportunity for industry greenwashing through the use of false and misleading ‘green claims’.

In order to ensure a truly sustainable and livable future for people and nature, it is imperative that all relevant stakeholders pull their weight in this process, and that green claims are properly substantiated. As the discussions surrounding the green transition become increasingly technical, it is vital that the EU has in place a mechanism for regulating and verifying such claims.

We put forward three recommendations that should be heeded to ensure that the EU’s green framework guarantees genuine ambition and action on climate.

Joint open letter to European Commission on green claims
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