Joint NGO analysis of the European Commission’s proposal for a revised UWWTD

Categories: Industry & Health, Water
Published: 14 December 2022
Size: 158.35 KB

The recast Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD), introduced by the European Commission, widened the law to include, in addition to protection of the environment from the adverse effects related to discharges of untreated urban wastewater, also the safety of human health, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, access to sanitation, transparency and surveillance of public health parameters. However, key aspects still go unaddressed.

In this joint analysis of the proposal, EEB, Surfrider Foundation Europe and HCWH Europe call on the European Parliament and the Council to adopt the proposed recast of the UWWTD and to strengthen it in line with the main points in this assessment and the overall ambition of the EU’s Zero Pollution Action Plan.

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