Green 10 joint letter – REPowerEU package and environmental roll-back

Types: Letter
Published: 16 May 2022
Size: 308.52 KB

While we strongly support accelerating renewables as part of the EU’s response to Russia’s war in Ukraine, we also shared our deep misgivings about some of the measures suggested in the REPowerEU package that is expected to be presented on 18th May.

Failure to push back on false arguments, failure to stick to the European Green Deal (EDG), and advancing the wrong measures in the REPowerEU that would allow a roll-back of environmental regulation, ignore citizen voices by side-stepping consultation and focusing on renewables in protected areas when there are clearly so many better opportunities will together lead to a major public outcry and be fundamentally counter-productive. In this letter, we call on the European Commission to ensure that the REPowerEU does not undermine the EGD and the hope that citizens see in the European Project.

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