European Civil Society Gas Manifesto

Categories: Climate & Energy
Published: 17 June 2021
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20 European climate and energy civil society organisations and networks have signed a fossil gas manifesto asking EU policy-makers to ultimately deliver a fossil gas phase out in Europe by 2035, calling for an immediate end of fossil gas subsidies and ensuring that public funding is available to support people and companies to move away from fossil gas.

The manifesto, which is composed of seven points, is also conceived to counter the widespread, misleading industry narrative that fossil gas is ‘natural’ and that it is needed as a transitional energy source, especially in countries phasing out coal. Gas is a fossil fuel, emitting both carbon dioxide and methane, the latter across the entire supply chain. Fossil gas should not be considered as a “clean” fuel or labeled as “sustainable” as it diverts from investing scarce public resources into the real climate and energy solutions.

European Civil Society Gas Manifesto
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