EEB comments on MEP Peter Liese’s draft report on the revision of the Emissions Trading Scheme Directive

Categories: Make polluters pay
Types: Response
Published: 1 February 2022
Size: 201.41 KB

The Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is one of the pillars of EU’s climate & energy policy and its revision in the context of the Fit for 55 Package will have to significantly change some of its fundamentals or the instrument will not deliver on its full potential. We call on the Environment Committee of the European Parliament to make sure that the revision of the EU ETS meets the following objectives:

• Stop granting financial support for free to polluting industries and accelerate industry decarbonisation
• Make the ETS coherent with the zero-pollution objective and environmental quality standards
• Keep carbon removals and emission reductions targets separate
• Include municipal waste incineration in the ETS scope as soon as possible
• Keep fossil fuels out of the financial support under the Modernisation Fund
• Increase democratic participation and access to justice provisions in the EU ETS

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