EEB reaction to the new legislative initiative on vehicles

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Published: 19 July 2023
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On 13 July 2023, the EU Commission released a new text to address design and end of life stages of vehicles placed on the EU market. The EEB welcome this integrated new piece of law, notably as beyond merging more coherently two legislative pieces, it proposes some measures that anchors the whole sector into a decarbonised and circular economy. However, many opportunities were also missed in making the text more ambitious. Most importantly, the law does not address the fact we simply cannot substitute every fossil fuel car with an electric car as there is not enough resources for that and other countries also need to equip their population. With cars parked in their slots for most of their lives, it may be time to share more and rethink our mobility system beyond cicularising individual vehicle.

EEB reaction to the new legislative initiative on vehicles
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