European Elections May 2019

Will you vote for a greener Europe?

Fighting climate change, improving air quality, protecting unique natural places, ending plastic pollution and stopping toxic chemicals from reaching the market: the EU helps keep us safe.

The European Elections are a chance to help shape the kind of Europe we want. This year it’s especially important that people who want an inclusive, safe and sustainable Europe turn out to vote on 23-26 May.


What kind of Europe do we want?

Clean Air and Energy

Healthy Food and Farming

A Clean, Green Future

The EU has taken eight governments to court for their failure to tackle toxic air pollution but EU limits are still breached in 130 cities in 23 countries. 80% of Europeans think sustainable farming is an important issue at this election, yet the EU spends more than €50bn on agriculture each year with little regard for nature. Plastic plates, straws, stirrers, cutlery, cups and other single-use items will be banned in the EU by 2021, but couldn’t more be done to end plastic pollution?


The European Parliament is the democratic heart of the EU

By learning more about the EU, the elections and the candidates standing in your country or region, and then voting with the environment in mind, you can help us build a Europe where the rights of people and the environment are upheld, and our precious natural world is protected now and for generations to come.

Watch our video to find out more about how the EU is vital for protecting Europe’s environment.


Where can I find more information?


At the EEB’s news site you’ll find all the latest envrionmental news from across Europe, you can search by keywords or click on sections to check out stories on the topic you’re most interested in. View our Europe Protects section for elections-specific news.


EU regulations are there to protect us, that’s why the EEB has been working with the New Economics Foundation on a campaign to stop ‘deregulation’. We’ve produced a 2-page briefing for both voters (BG, EL, ES, RO) and candidates (BG, EL, ES, RO).

This Time I’m Voting

The European Parliament has set up its own campaign to boost citizen participation in the election. At you can find out about events near you and explore case studies about the work the European Union has done in your country or region.

SDG Watcher?

Are you particularly interested in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? Then it’s definitely worth checking out to see their ‘Manifesto for a Sustainable Europe for its Citizens’.

Manifesto for the Sea

European seas are in a sorry state – but simple changes in policy could lead to healthier, more resilient oceans for all Europeans. Find our more in the ‘Manifesto for the Sea’ from Seas At Risk:

Green 10 Manifesto

Ten of the biggest environmental groups active at the EU level have agreed a joint manifesto calling for a Europe that puts the wellbeing of people and our planet first. You can download the full text at:



European Elections May 2019
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