6 September 2019

Report launch: ‘Destination: Climate Neutrality’ – 24 September 2019

A five-year policy blueprint for Europe – Report launch on 24 September 2019 We have little more than 10 years to decarbonise Europe or face a […]
5 September 2019

Transforming farm subsidies to prevent climate breakdown – 25 September 2019

How can the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) help the farming sector become climate neutral? Agriculture is responsible for 10% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. […]
4 September 2019

Agriculture Working Group 25-27 September 2019

The next EEB Agriculture WG meeting will start on Wednesday 25 September with the event “Transforming farm subsidies to prevent climate breakdown” that will be held […]
3 September 2019

An EU budget to address the climate emergency – 15 October 2019

The EEB is bringing together civil society and EU institutions to discuss how EU money should be used to help boost green projects rather than pollution. […]
2 September 2019

Green Budget Working Group 16 October 2019

Economic signals and financial flows are key drivers of economic activity affecting resource extraction, production methods and inputs, purchasing choices and consumption levels, pollution emissions, compliance […]
1 September 2019

Economic Transition Working Group 16-17 October 2019

The next EEB Economic Transition WG meeting will start on Wednesday 16 October with a shared afternoon session with the EEB Green Budget WG meeting. On […]