26 September 2017

‘Extinction’ Conference to turn spotlight on livestock industry’s role in species loss

If any European politicians or diplomats working in Brussels need a visual reminder of what a mass extinction event looks like they don’t need to travel […]
6 September 2017

Bold overhaul of EU farm policy now on the cards

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has played a major role in the development of a socially, economically, and environmentally disruptive model of farming in Europe. Ahead […]
13 July 2017

Attempt to weaken farm water pollution rules foiled in Parliament committee vote

Intensive farming contributes to water and air pollution, to soil damage and climate change. Yet, in a move condemned by the EEB, MEPs on Parliament’s Internal […]
14 June 2017

Reprieve for nature on farms: attempt to sabotage pesticides ban fails in Parliament vote

Farmers across Europe who have been receiving several billions of euros of public money a year under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for improving nature on […]
30 May 2017

MEPs determined to defend environmentally-harmful model of farming at all costs

A move to ban pesticides on areas of farms dedicated to nature conservation has shamefully been shot down by a strong majority of MEPs on Parliament’s […]
22 May 2017

Agriculture and Sustainable Water Management in the EU: EEB & PAN Europe reaction

The Commission has produced a Staff Working Document on Water and Agriculture (SWD(2017)153 final) which it will present in the informal meeting of Agriculture Ministers in […]
11 May 2017

Overhaul of farm policy crucial for EU to meet sustainable development goals, new study shows

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is not even delivering on its own stated objectives let alone on several of the relevant Sustainable Development Goals [1] that the […]
3 May 2017

Over 250,000 people call on European Commission to radically reform EU agriculture

Today a clear and strong message reached the European Commission: the EU’s agricultural policy needs to be radically changed. This is what 258,708 citizens and 600 […]
23 March 2017

Civil society call to fix broken EU farm policy gains ground

Over 140 organisations from all over Europe – representing consumers and the food sector, and those working to promote environmental protection, health, and animal welfare – […]
6 March 2017

150 Civil society groups call for reform of European agricultural policies

Over 150 European civil society organisations representing environmental and social justice networks, organic farmers, pastoralists, peasants, sustainable forestry groups, health groups, animal welfare organisations, consumer rights […]
2 February 2017

Urgent need for fundamental reform of EU food and farming policy – debate kicks off

Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan has today fired the starting gun for debate on the future of food and farming in Europe as he launches a 12-week […]
29 November 2016

Greening measure to protect nature on farms will be environmentally ineffective, new study shows

EU Member States’ demand for flexibility undermines key CAP measure A new study has revealed that ‘Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs)’ – a flagship Common Agricultural Policy […]