15 August 2017
City Tree in Skopje, Macedonia

Member in Focus: Eko-svest

EKO-SVEST (FYR of MACEDONIA) – Eko-svest is a non-profit citizen’s association established in 2002 in Skopje, Macedonia. Eko-svest supports and encourages civic awareness and active participation […]
13 July 2017

Deutscher Naturschutzring (DNR)

DEUTSCHER NATURSCHUTZRING (DNR) – Founded in 1950, the German League for Nature and Environment (Deutscher Naturschutzring – DNR) is the umbrella organisation of 87 organisations working in […]
2 February 2017

Nature Trust Malta

NATURE TRUST (MALTA) – NTM is a non-profit non-governmental environmental organisation working in the Maltese Islands. It is also a privileged partner of World Wildlife Fund […]