Take action: tell MEPs to stop the EU greenwashing of fossil gas and nuclear energy


On the 2nd of February, the European Commission proposed a ‘Complementary’ Climate Delegated Act (CDA) to include fossil gas-fired power and nuclear power in the EU Taxonomy of Sustainable Investments. If these activities are finally classified as sustainable investments, they could benefit from billions of euros in ‘green’ financing at the expense of energy efficiency and renewables.

There is no good climate, environmental, or economic reason to grant the green label to fossil gas and nuclear power. Rather, there are several science-based arguments to exclude them from the EU green taxonomy.

The Ukraine war has put the EU Taxonomy in a completely new context. Gas has become a major source of energy insecurity and inflation. Europe’s geopolitical fragility, founded on its significant dependence on Russian energy imports, is now evident. Europe’s transition to cheap and domestic renewables has therefore become even more urgent. The EU cannot afford to adopt a taxonomy which puts both gas and nuclear on the same level as renewables and diverts billions of euros in financing towards them.

The European Parliament can reject this shameful proposal if 353 MEPs – a majority of the entire Parliament – vote against it in the Parliament’s Plenary vote on the week of the 4-7 July. Crucially, in this vote abstentions effectively count as support for the CDA.

We need to show MEPs that people in Europe want them to vote down this greenwashed plan!

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