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Pollution has consequences. Now is the time: vote for a healthy EU

If there’s excessive pollution, people and the environment pay the price.

Real people living in the Netherlands, Bulgaria and many other countries around Europe are counting on the European Parliament to protect their health.

The Industrial Emissions Directive (the IED) can make a difference – for people, the environment and industry.

"We protest but everything stays the same."
Meglena from Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

"I am scared for my health and my relatives."
Antonia from Ijmuiden, Netherlands

"Our children can't play outside."
Antonia from Ijmuiden, Netherlands

"On days with dust, we can't open the windows."
Meglena from Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) can make a difference

Climate and the IED

If you trust that our laws will help solve the climate crisis, brace yourself…


Currently, the IED does not regulate the greenhouse gas emissions of industry.

Emissions from livestock

Only 13% of livestock farms are responsible for 60% of EU livestock emissions of ammonia and 43% of methane.

Discover what the IED can do to regulate these emissions. 

People are key

What happens when the industry does not respect pollution rules? People pay the price, often with their health and public money. We need fair penalties for illegal polluters and compensation for affected people.

Two myths, one truth

What is the reality of rules for industry? EU decisionmakers reviewing key pollution prevention rules have an opportunity to enact pollution prevention that works for people and the environment. Let’s play – and win – the game of industry rules.

Surviving Industry

Innocent people and the environment are paying the price of industry pollution with their health. Will EU policymakers ensure protection for people, not polluters?

Once-in-a-generation chance

It takes 25 years – a whole generation – to transform an industrial sector and all the value chains. As EU policymakers review key pollution prevention rules, a unique window of opportunity to depollute industry is closing now. Bold action is needed to enact pollution prevention that works for people and the environment.

A reality check

The Industrial Emissions Directive is a key European Union law that aims to slash pollution through easy-to-achieve policy changes. But with multiple narratives and arguments swirling around, its benefits might be lost in translation. Ahead of the European Parliament decision, let us get a reality check.

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NGO briefings on IED and IEP-R

From circular economy aspects of the IED to 12 points for pollution prevention, read our briefing documents on the IED.

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The Industrial Emissions Directive
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