TENDER: We’re looking for an external evaluator for our “Make Europe Sustainable for All” project!

Make Europe Sustainable for All project: mid-term evaluation

Call for external evaluator(s): expression of interest

The project Make Europe Sustainable for All

A 3-year DEAR-funded (Development Education and Awareness Raising programme of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Development and Cooperation) ‘Make Europe Sustainable for All’ project combines the expertise and experience of 25 partners from 14 EU countries, EU and global networks. Its approach responds to the needs for the meaningful, participative and legitimate Agenda 2030 implementation and the necessity of global, holistic and integrated actions, working from the global to the local level. Its aim is to promote an ambitious implementation of Agenda 2030 by and in the EU, making the EU and European governments accountable and ambitious in their implementation. While strengthening the European network SDG Watch Europe and encouraging and supporting the national multi-sectoral civil society coalitions, enhancing cooperation and national and local CSOs capacities, European and national policy and raising-awareness campaigns, we want to substantially increase awareness amongst EU citizens and policymakers about their roles and responsibilities in working for a sustainable future, the transition to more sustainable lifestyles and developing and promoting coherent policies. By encouraging the participation and cooperation of all civil society sectors, we want to ensure that sustainability is at the center of decision- and policies-making, guaranteeing that none is left behind. The project started on 1 July 2017 and will end on 30 June 2020.

Purpose of the evaluation:

The evaluation will address the issue of whether and to which extent the project is meeting its objectives and will measure its impact at the mid-term of the project. In particular, the evaluation should focus on the qualitative analysis of the implementation progress, in order to provide the project lead and consortium with:

  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the project against its objectives at the mid-term, implementation progress, quality of implementation and potential measures to counter challenges found, lessons learnt and recommendations for the last year of the project to ensure the efficiency and quality of the implementation of the actions;
  • Recommendations on improving the activities to reach the objectives and increase impact based on the Log Frame, sustainability of the results and the potential for up scaling;
  • Recommendations for the methods for qualitative analysis/evaluation of the campaigning, advocacy and raising-awareness actions;

The above shall be included in the Mid-term evaluation report developed by the evaluator(s) team.

The Evaluation process:

The evaluation process shall be done with a participatory approach, engaging consortium members at different levels: the Coordinator, the Executive Committee, national-level partners (staff project and top management team). The detailed process will be agreed with the external evaluators based on the proposed methodology.

Applicant profile: capacity, skills, experience and knowledge

We are looking for professionals (organisations) who can demonstrate:

– evaluation experience in relation to multi-stakeholder partnerships, in particular in campaigning and raising-awareness projects;

– evidenced experience of working with European programmes, in particular an experience with DEAR programme;

– experience of mid-term and final evaluation implementation, experience with the qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodologies in multi-stakeholder consortium;

– excellent research and analysis skills

– excellent communication skills

– ability to draft qualitative reports in English, knowledge of other project languages is an asset;

The experience and knowledge of the Make Europe Sustainable for All project is a strong asset.

Evaluation content and timeline

The mid-term evaluation will address the issue of whether and to which extent the project is meeting its objectives and will measure its impact throughout its implementation period.

The expression of interest shall be structured as follows:

  • Presentation of the expert/team of experts and past relevant experience/references about similar tasks and assignments, especially related to EU projects on Development & DEAR policies
  • Presentation of the methodological approach for the mid-term evaluation of the project and corresponding timeline of the delivery. The methodological approach shall include the proposed ways of engagement of various stakeholders of the project and shall at least include one in-person workshop with the Executive Committee members (travels to be covered by the project), as well as the call with the top management of the project partners.

The evaluation and report shall start in April 2019 and be completed by 31 May 2019.


A budget of maximum EUR 15.000 is foreseen for the task. This open call for expression of interest is launched to select external expert(s) to deliver the task.


Proposals including a concept note and budget should be sent by email to Sonia Goicoechea <sonia.goicoechea@eeb.org> and Kasia Tusiewicz <kasia.tusiewicz@eeb.org> as soon as possible and before the 27 March 2019 the latest (**extended until 1 April**).


For further information, please contact Sonia Goicoechea <sonia.goicoechea@eeb.org>

***A detailed project description is available and can be requested by email***


Funded by the European Union.

For more information:

Kasia Tusiewicz, EEB Project Officer


+32 2 274 10 85