Tender for Policy Briefs on Sustainable Product Policy

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) is Europe’s largest network of environmental citizens’ organisations. We bring together over 160 civil society organisations from more than 35 European countries. We stand for sustainable development, environmental justice & participatory democracy.


The European Commission is preparing a Sustainable Product Policy Initiative to make sustainable products the norm as part of its Circular Economy Action Plan. In this regard, the overhaul of the Ecodesign Framework Directive and other policies will play a central role. These include ‘product passports’, EPR, GPP, Ecolabel, a ban on destroying unsold goods, and the phase-out of disposable products.

The European Commission has opened a public consultation until 9 June 2021.

Objectives and deliverables

In this context, the EEB is looking for researchers and policy experts to produce reader-friendly policy briefs (documents of 12 pages max) to feed into the ongoing discussions on what a sustainable product policy should encompass.

Note that the term ‘policy brief’ may refer to a broad range of textual or visual formats, which contractors should feel free to propose.

The number of briefs and the final format of each brief are to be described in the technical offer to this bid, but it should at least include the following:

  • One brief on how to integrate social and environmental due diligence aspects/criteria in product requirements, market incentives and possible future product passport. A key question is how to cascade down due diligence practices addressing companies or supply chains to individual products.
  • One brief on how to define and implement an effective and enforceable ban on the destruction of unsold goods. A question to address: when does it become counterproductive to continue using or reusing a product; and, when a product is disposed of, what practices and conditions should apply?
  • One brief on how to unleash the potential of private procurement for the uptake of sustainable products and services. Beyond green public procurement, what are the possibilities of private procurement to contribute to making sustainable products the norm, and what are the policy instruments and options that could be mobilized? The brief should notably, but not exclusively, refer to Non-Financial Reporting Directive and sustainability reports, ongoing Green Taxonomy work and choice editing strategies.
  • One brief on how to best integrate chemicals and product policy to move towards a non-toxic environment. The brief should explore how to reflect the intentions and provisions of the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability into future product policy; how to ensure transparency on chemical content in products; how to incentivize full disclosure of chemical content as well not regrettable substitutions to the use of substances of concern.

Deadline for proposals: 5/05/2021

Please download the complete call for tender belowand submit your tender in English to Stéphane Arditi stephane.arditi@eeb.org and Blanca Morales blanca.morales@eeb.org