EASD – Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development

Environmental Ambassadors (EASD) are one of the newest EEB members. They are a not-for-profit professional association working in science and research, in the areas of sustainable development, environment and education. They work through consultancy, expertise, innovation, education, promotion of culture values and knowledge based advocacy.

EASD “bridge” global and European-scale environmental, climate change and sustainable development issues in focus with sub-regional south-eastern Europe challenges, and vice versa. They are “walking through actions” on thematic issues of concern, like waste and chemicals, biodiversity, climate change, circular economy concept and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in practice.

We speak to Aleksandra Mladenovic, President of EASD.

Tell us a bit more about the main activities, campaigns and/or projects you are working on at the moment?

We are working on programs: Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the SDGs, as well as educating the youth of today to protect the planet of tomorrow (Eco-Schools), giving our environment a voice (Young Reporters for the Environment), unlocking sustainability in the hospitality industry (Green Key) and pure water, clean coasts, safety and access for all (Blue Flag).

For 14 years we organized regional the Environment to Europe Conference. At the moment, we are working on projects: ENV-net factoring the environmental portfolio for Western Balkans and Turkey in the EU Policy Agenda, Eko-paket and The Great Plant Hunt.


What does EEB membership mean to your organisation? How does it help you in your daily work and to bring about the changes you would like to see in Europe and beyond?

We started working with the EEB as partners in an ENV.net project from 2010 until now (the project is ongoing). We just had a successful first ENV.net Regional Conference on Circular Economy in Belgrade. We also participate together in an initiative to end mercury use in dentistry, bringing this initiative to Serbia.

Through EEB membership we would like to explore the opportunity to always have fresh, relevant information on what is happening at European level, to share our knowledge and experience, as well as to learn more on environmental justice and participatory democracy.


Do you have a recent success story that you would like to share with us?

At about the same time as UN Environment started work on sustainable fashion, EASD performed activities rethinking clothing, fashion and style. We collect and use textile left-overs and unused clothes to make other textile products (we practice upcycling, rather than downcycling of textiles) with the enthusiastic help of pupils and teachers, including from a home for persons with disabilities.

We were really proud when the Secretary of the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion, in his speech on Innovative Solutions to Sustainable Textiles and Fashion in SEE, noted our activity as one example to illustrate innovative solutions.





For more information:

Emma Ernsth, Membership and Development Manager, European Environmental Bureau


+32 2 790 88 10