Deutsche Umwelthilfe

Fischotter © Stephan Gunkel

DEUTSCHE UMWELTHILFE (GERMANY) – Environmental Action Germany (Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. – DUH) is a non-governmental environmental and consumer protection organisation. It is entitled to bring legal action and campaigns mainly on a national and European level.

The objectives of the association are to promote the protection of nature and the environment as well as the interests of consumers by providing information and consultancy.

Tell us a bit more about the main activities, campaigns and/or projects you are working on at the moment?

Environmental Action Germany campaigns to implement nature conservation and environmental protection. It offers alternatives in the production and use of energy, fights for clean air, presents solutions against the throwaway society and fights for transparent consumer information. The organisation is constantly negotiating with decision-makers in politics and economy. In order to raise awareness on these issues, it organises information campaigns on a regular basis.

What does EEB membership mean to your organisation? How does it help you in your daily work and to bring about the changes you would like to see in Europe and beyond?

Environmental Action Germany campaigns to make sure that ecosystems at risk are protected across borders. Internationally, it campaigns to encourage the German government, companies and consumers to make their contribution towards preserving the world’s natural heritage. Environmental protection, however, can only succeed if it is integrated on an international level. Partnerships, such as the EEB membership, play a key role in this matter.

Do you have a recent success story that you would like to share with us?

Environmental Action Germany has been fighting for clean air for decades. One of our most important tools is taking legal action in order to achieve effective air quality plans that include measures to lower air pollution from various sources. Our cases have been very successful not only to achieve concrete solutions like the introduction of low emission zones but also to improve national and European legislation providing better conditions also for other NGOs to fight for the “right on clean air”. For further success stories see here.

Deutsche Umwelthilfe protestiert vor IAA gegen Luftverschmutzung © Maximilian Geiß/DUH

For more information:

Emma Ernsth, Membership and Development Manager, European Environmental Bureau

+32 2 790 88 10