Coolproducts WG meeting – 23-24 October – Brussels & online

The Coolproducts staff & several guests from the EU commission will give you the latest insights of what is happening in Brussels, on the last critical discussions of this legislature, months ahead of the next European elections.

And speaking of European elections, we all know that product policy has always been a topic that populists targeted to blame the EU for all sorts of evil (remember the campaigns to save the light bulbs? And the ones against the energy label on bread toasters? ). We will talk about that and try to give an answer to a series of existential questions that you might share with us and with all the members of your organisations, among which:

  • Will our printers finally be produced without planned obsolescence, so that they can be repaired?
  • Will our next smartphone have a replaceable battery, so that we will be able to change that instead of scrapping the whole phone altogether?
  • Is it true that photovoltaic panels can be recycled?
  • Why are the extreme-right populists targeting heat pumps and solar and what can we do about it?
  • How bad is gas cooking for our children’s health?
  • Can it exist a PC that I can dismantle and repair on my own even if I don’t know anything about computers?
  • How efficient are biomass boilers, in the end?
    ….and many more!

Of course it will also be the occasion to plan our actions to promote innovation in these fields, to hear what is happening in your country and to discover what campaigns you are working on. We will also participate to a flashmob action in front of the EU parliament to support our Right to Repair things.


The WG meeting is addressed to EEB members only.




Brussels & online

For more information, please contact our Senior Events Coordinator.

Coolproducts WG meeting – 23-24 October – Brussels & online
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