Call for tender: Consumption-side policy & legislative levers for the transition to sustainable diets

Deadline for applications: 11th March 2022

The European Environmental Bureau is seeking experts who could conduct a review of the existing academic and grey literature about policy instruments which could be deployed at EU level to shift consumer lifestyles with a view to promote a transition to “agroecological diets”.

The European Environmental Bureau advocates for a shift to healthy and sustainable diets based on higher consumption of local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, and “less and better” animal products, in line with the transition to agroecology which we advocate for in food production.

The new “Farm to Fork” approach to food policy in the EU and forthcoming Sustainable Food Systems Law (legislative proposal expected in 2023) bring new opportunities to develop an ambitious policy and legislative framework to drive the needed dietary shift in the EU, addressing the “consumption side” by reshaping food environments.

Please see the full Call for Tender for full details.

Please submit your technical offer to Isabel Paliotta, EEB Associate Policy Officer for Sustainable food systems,