Call for tender: The Wellbeing Wardrobe

Deadline for application: 22 October 2021 (18:00 CET)

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) is seeking offers from potential contractors to produce a study containing the following elements:

  • An investigation into how emerging degrowth/wellbeing economy literature can be applied to fashion and textiles.
  • An exploration of what it looks like to redefine the profit- and GDP growth-dependent fashion business model and transition to a GDP growth-independent global textile industry within a ‘wellbeing economy’ (exploring examples of business practices). When it comes to building a truly resource-sufficient circular economy for textiles where the amount of resources we pour into the ‘circle’ (our economy) is reduced, we want to ask: What does this look like? What kind of governance models do we need? How do we move fashion beyond consumerism without just counting on individual buying behaviours? What new priorities can be set for the sector by policy makers?
  • Concrete recommendations in terms of policy formulations and instruments. What are the policies which are needed to free the textile sector from growth-dependency to allow for a reduction in raw material consumption and textiles material footprint? What is the best metric to measure this and what is needed to get this metric fully functioning to steer the sector to resource sufficiency? What policy measures could be taken to ensure a just and planned economic transition to downscale textile production beyond a focus on material efficiency dimensions?

Please see the full Call for Tender for full details on the deliverables, how to apply, and the award criteria. All proposals should be submitted by email to: Emily Macintosh,