Call for tender: Study on items shipped for reuse and EPR fees

Deadline for applications: 2 September 2022, 17:00 CEST

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) aims to run a study that makes the case for Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) fees to follow the products shipped for reuse to countries beyond the EU.

The objectives of the research are to attempt to quantify the amounts of products shipped for reuse beyond the EU, extrapolate on future trends, present the expected benefits of extending useful life versus the potential impacts of sub-standard waste management practices, assess the respective funds remaining with the PROs and put in perspective the funds that may be necessary to ensure a sound treatment of those products in the receiving countries having to deal with end of life.

Besides documenting the issue on key product streams (electronics, cars, batteries, textiles – in view of the coming EPR schemes), the study is also expected to propose different options worth exploring to improve the situation. 

The main deliverable will be a report of not more than 30 pages, which will be written in English and in a non-technical, clear and understandable way, using graphs, maps, infographics, concrete examples and other images where possible. The layout will be discussed between the consultant and the EEB. The report is to be completed within 13 weeks after the study is commissioned, with an interim report after 5 weeks and draft final report after 10 weeks.

Please see the full Call for Tender for all details.

Please submit your technical offer to:

Piotr Barczak, Senior Policy Officer for Circular Economy and Waste, and

Marco Musso, Policy Officer on Fiscal Reform for Circular Economy and Carbon Neutrality,