Call for tender: study on financial instruments and economic incentives for a sustainable built environment

Deadline for application: 11 October 2021


The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) aims to further its research on financial instruments and economic incentives and drivers for a sustainable built environment with particular emphasis on how the European Union, Members States and Regional and Local authorities can decarbonise the built environment in a coordinated way.

The aim of this study is to support the decarbonising process of the built environment, that the European Commission is committed to achieving by 2050 through several policies and strategies, and accelerating the mobilisation of fiscal and economic instruments at EU and national levels to address resources use in the built environment sector. At the national, regional and local level, it should help public authorities to define how they could implement the economic transition through fiscal and financial incentives, in coordination with the EU, as well as the private sector and civil society.

The research should identify existing schemes and proposals that present best practices that can be emulated in other countries.

Please read the full brief of the Call for Tender before applying, that you can find here.

How to apply?

Technical offers for this project should outlining your understanding of the task, your intentions for the project, the reasons why you are suitable for carrying out the study and a simple work plan and budget. CVs of the team carrying out the study should also be submitted separately.

The selection criteria will be as follows:
• Quality of the technical offer, including delivery time and service and notably the distinctive inclusion of circularity and sufficiency dimensions and the integration of the social perspective in the analysis and recommendations; a clear proposal on how to assess/document the impacts of recommendations would be appreciated (50%);
• Quality and competence of the team (25%)
• Integration of layout, editing, visuals to enhance outreach (15%)
• Additional perspectives making this study more robust or compelling (10%)

Any proposal beyond the budget or not respecting the timelines will be discarded. The EEB holds the right to exclude a supplier who may have a negative financial record, that violates criteria such as bankruptcy and not paying taxes.
All proposals should be submitted by email to: Gonzalo Sanchez,, and Blaine Camilleri,