Call for tender: study assessing the impacts of EU circular economy policies in third countries – focus on the electronics and automotive sectors

Deadline for applications: 9th September 2022

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) wishes to explore and provide recommendations how to better integrate the implications of EU circular economy policies in third countries within its policy making processes.

This project will examine two specific sectors and areas of policy: 1) electronics (EEE and WEEE) with respect to the EU ecodesign legislation and circular electronics initiative; 2) vehicles with respect to the End of Life Vehicles Directive (ELVD).

The deliverables expected for this project are:

1) A laid out report or briefing (up to 30 pages excluding annexes and bibliography) targeted at EU policy makers.
2) A stakeholder engagement in the form of a workshop or a limited number of interviews.
3) Visuals included in the report but usable as stand alone appealing infographics or graphics for enhanced dissemination of the report notably through social media
4) A presentation during a public event with an associated slides desk

The timeline of this work should be able to support the negotiations of the ESPR. Thus, it is expected that the final deliverables for this work should be released by mid December 2022. If the consultants are able to finalise the deliverables beforehand this is preferred, though we are happy to discuss the timeline with consultants based on their availability and constraints.

Applications should be submitted by email to:

For more information, see the full Call For Proposals.