Call for tender Climate of Change TEDx Event Brussels

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) is Europe’s largest network of environmental citizens’ organisations. We bring together over 160 civil society organisations from more than 35 European countries. We stand for sustainable development, environmental justice & participatory democracy.

The EEB is a partner of the Climate Of Change project, a DEAR Programme funded by the European Commission. The Lead Agency is WeWorld GCV and the partnership gathers 13 European partners.

To realise the actions planned for the consortium, we are looking for an organisation with an activatable TEDx Standard license 100+ (licenses qualified for an event with over 100 attendees) in Brussels. The selected organisation will organise an TEDx standard event targeting 400 participants, for which the EEB will be the main sponsor.

The selected organisation will select the speakers (in line with our Non-Discrimination Policy ensuring gender balance and diversity), the venue, the catering and other logistics needed to realise the event in consultation with the EEB (and in respect of our sustainability policy).

Non exhaustive list of items to include in the tender bids:

  • Speakers’ accommodation
  • Travel expenses and per diems for speakers
  • Speakers’ coaching
  • Event management & concept
  • Graphic design and key
  • Visuals
  • Insurance
  • Video production
  • Venue rent
  • Stage design
  • Audio tech
  • Live streaming
  • Catering
  • Participants’ gift

The maximum amount eligible for tender is 40 000€ (VAT included).

The Service should be provided between January and March 2022.

­­Deadline to apply: 30 April 2021 at 23:59 CET

To apply, please email your tender bid to by 31 April 2021. Any questions about this tender can be sent to as well.

The tender bid must be accompanied by:

  • The sustainability policy of the organisation.
  • An explanation of previous experience organising TEDx events.

The selection of the tender will be done based on:

  1. The best price-quality ratio of the proposed activities (40%)
  2. Qualitative, environmental and social aspects taken into account to perform the proposed activities in the bid (60%).


The selection of the tender will be made by a EEB committee. The selected candidate will be contacted in the first weeks of May to sign a contract.

All applicants will be notified in writing on the outcome of the selection.

Published in Brussels, on the EEB’s website on 1 April 2021.