Annual Conference 2021

Charting the path to a healthy planet

Join us online on 11 October, for our annual conference!


Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring a number of lessons for humanity, particularly on the implications of tampering with the delicate balance of ecosystems through our exploitative and destructive relationship with the planet, but also what can happen if we give nature an opportunity to ‘reset’.

The pandemic and the associated economic stimulus measures have provided a unique opportunity for another kind of re-set – a chance to re-orient a wide range of policies so that they are fit to meet the major environmental challenges of our time, notably climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. The pandemic also underlined the importance of strengthening policies supporting health and wellbeing, and science demonstrated that the health of the planet and health of people are deeply interconnected. We need to fundamentally upgrade our policies promoting human health and wellbeing.

Against this backdrop, on Monday 11 October 2021 the European Environmental Bureau – in collaboration with its member France Nature Environnement – will host its annual conference online, ahead of the French EU presidency. Civil society leaders from across Europe will come together to discuss strategies for a transformation of European and national policies and governance systems affecting our planet and our health and wellbeing. Such a transformation must enable decision-makers to respond to effectively answer citizens’ and civil society’s calls for a fair and sustainable future, and for a healthier relationship with our planet.

We will invite:

  • Youth leaders to make their call for European leadership;
  • Critical thinkers to exchange on how we can achieve a truly ethical system change;
  • Civil society organisations that amplify core messages and achieve public engagement.
  • Decision-makers who have the agency to bring in the much-needed transformative policies.

The full conference programme and speakers’ bios are available on the conference website

11 October




9:00 - 17:15

For more information, visit our conference website
Annual Conference 2021
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